Т. И. Лузина / T.I. Luzina, А. Д. Гребченко / A.D. Grebchenko


The article is devoted to the work of one of the most prominent literary figures of the XX-th century – Valery Bryusov – playwright, literary critic, critic, translator, in the context of the appeal to the study of his poems, which reflected religious subjects and images. This approach opens up not only new facets of his creative activity. The creative heritage of the famous Russian poet is still of great interest to researchers, because it includes a diverse layer of works on history and literary studies. The significance of Bryusov's role in Russian symbolism is emphasized. The poet prepared a large number of valuable comments to the works on religious themes and religious subjects. In addition, it was he who initiated the translation of medieval religious poetry, paying attention to medieval religious lyrics. He found the unique exquisite beauty of poetry permeated with religious imagery, which praises Christ, Holy Virgin and the saints, acutely experienced the suffering and anguish of the common man. It is shown that Bryusov's poetry reflects religious images that make up the conten.


culture; religion; Christianity; Bible; Russian symbolism; Merezhkovsky; Bryusov; Armenian poetry


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