А. В. Пряхина / А.V. Pryakhina


This article discusses the role of communication technologies in the development of modern cultural organizations. Promotion of any cultural institution can be viewed from two perspectives: the promotion of the institution itself and the fulfillment of the social function of developing cultural needs in a person, interest in culture. Promotion of cultural institutions is focused on two goals: expanding the market of cultural products in a materially oriented society and stimulating the development of cultural needs in the traditions of society. Various tools can be used for the communication development of cultural institutions. The article discusses the specifics of communication technologies in the work of modern organizations in the field of culture on the example of the Petersburg Artist Center (museum and exhibition center created by philanthropist Stepanova Galina Georgievna in 2005). At the moment, there is a collection and collection of Leningrad academic art of the 20th century, which contains more than 2,500 works. Here you can find not only paintings, but also sculptures, as well as recreated furniture from the period of existence of the Russian Empire. The furniture was made of malachite, Karelian birch, oak and other valuable materials and rocks under the guidance of restorers and craftsmen from the State Hermitage Museum. A distinctive feature of the Petersburg Artist and Exhibition Center is the holding of musical and theatrical evenings, presentations, as well as master classes for artists of various orientations. In addition, the museum is engaged in publishing and publishes the St. Petersburg Artist magazine almanac, highlighting the history and modern processes of Russian realistic art. The museum also publishes a series of albums about artists of the 20th century, whose paintings are represented in the museum and exhibition center. For May, 2019 six albums are published. In the future, a series of up to fifty albums is planned. Analysis of attendance and analysis of the museum audience are part of the program of marketing sociological research, which are an important tool for assessing and improving the effectiveness of the museum, solving specific social problems. Solving these tasks with modern communication technology tools will allow the museum not only to increase the number of visitors and partners, but also to move to a higher level of communication development, increasing the stability of informing the public about the activities of the St. Petersburg Artist museum and exhibition center. This article makes recommendations for improving the communication policy of the museum and exhibition center.


Communication technology; culture; culture organization; public relations; advertising; promotion of the organization of the sphere of culture; Museum and Exhibition Center «Petersburg Artist»


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