А. М. Сергеев / A.M. Sergeev, Б. Г. Соколов / B.G. Sokolov


The text offered to the reader is the first part of the monograph being prepared for publication (the approximate release date is the end of 2019) by two authors – A. M. Sergeev and B. G. Sokolov – «the Art of Fugue». The Fugue is a musical form and, at the same time, a poisonous fish, the art of cooking which puts at risk the death of someone who dares to taste it. Already in this first part sounds one of the cross-cutting themes of this work – Risk. Risk as a philosophical theme has always remained in the shadow of the main problems of philosophy, but in one form or another present in philosophical texts. The authors pass the topic of risk through two adjacent problem fields: the field of Master-Slave and Male-Female


Risk; Master; Slave; Male; Female


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