B. G. Sokolov


Historical and philosophical discourse does not often appeal to the title Memory, preferring to exploit the category of Time, since Memory itself is presented as something subjective, mentally "unstable", in some ways even elusive and not clearly fixed. However, it is Memory and Remembrance that are the basis on which not only historical research or psychoanalytic methods of working with consciousness are developed, but also the process of Understanding itself is based, thanks to which, in fact, any scientific research takes place. The article traces the conceptualization and connection of Memory, Memories with Understanding (on the example of the concept of Understanding as Plato's Memories), and also considers the multi-sphere temporality of Understanding, which was thematized by St.Augustine. To understand is not only to existentially include the horizon of Time and, above all, the Past through Memory, but also to interpret. However, both Understanding and, consequently, Remembering and Remembering are not a universal and uniform act. It, like interpretation, is culturally based and depends on basic ontic dispositions and matrices. This cultural Foundation determines the possibility or impossibility of special modes of Remembrance, one of which is the project of the history of philosophy. The author fixes and analyzes two historical and cultural blocks in which the project of the history of philosophy is possible (Modern Times) and in which this project is impossible (Antiquity).


memory; history of philosophy; understanding; interpretation


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