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M. Houellebecq, a contemporary French writer, notes how unexceptional humanitarian sciences of XX century were and what successes have been achieved in fundamental sciences and technologies, meant to “comfort” human kind in a world of metaphysical losses. Such a literature genre can create the image of contemporary civilization and a portrait of a human being, as witness to its’ crisis. Houellebecq invites to view a human being as the creator of world’s concept, where it is possible to control biological evolution. The next metaphysical revolution will happen “in the genes, not in the minds». The writer unravels the theme of topos, as a way of movement, travelling in search of identity, natural and corporeal. The human being rejects a union with God in order to make a global space for its’ comfortable existence, in which all human dissolves. Houellebecq’s characters sentence themselves to dissolution in “biotechnic continuity”. The writer describes apocalypse of human world, but yet tells to respect those humans, who have realized the necessity of their departure. Houellebecq promotes a pessimistic prognosis of global development. Yet mas it fades, its’ biography of the human departure is poetic and filled with austerity.


Michel Houellebecq; identity; metaphysical revolution; topos; life and death as an art object; corporality; limits of human; existentialism; positivism; self-overcoming


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