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The aim if this presentation is to explore the relation between epistemology and value theory. Because I want to claim that there is the necessary and reciprocal relation of the theory of knowledge and value theory determine what kind of philosophy can be considered. In the first part of speech, I would like to explain the relation between epistemology and value theory, it is necessary to define the concept of epistemology and the concept of value theory in a general sense. Epistemology is "the theory of knowledge".  The theory of knowledge is an attempt to answer the question, "How do you know?" the question is about how one knows but not about knowing per se. Secondly I will explain the concept of value in philosophy. The concept of value is used in widespread ways in contemporary culture, not only in economics and philosophy, but also especially in other social sciences and the humanities.  In the general definition, the term 'value' is understood as the worth of a thing.  In this meaning, the theory of value can be taken from the science of economics, but the term value has a much broader meaning than in the sense used in economics. At the conclusion, I want to discuss the necessary and reciprocal relation of the theory of knowledge and value theory on the behalf of what kind of philosophy one accepts.


knowledge; value; epistemology; philosophy

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