T. V. Mezhova


The article considers the theatrical and cultural aspects of Alexander Vampilov's work "The Eldest son". The aim of this study is to determine the significance of Comedy in the XX and XXI centuries. It is also worth considering why interpretation producer are currently not bypassing this comedy. What they see as its appeal both for themselves and for the audience. Is making is a farce in theatrical film, as the author Alexander Vampilov himself designated it, or whether the producer resort to their own interpretation, both in the past and in the present. Are there any differences in the production part of the play in different theaters and theater schools? Does it matter in which city and at what time, as well as by whom the play "The Eldest son" was staged? To reveal the cultural concept of the theatrical production "The Eldest son" of the XX and XXI centuries.


theater; play; The Elder son; play; tragedy; comedy; drama; XX и XXI centuries; Alexander Vampilov; producer interpretation; theatre making


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