Zinoviev’s Anthropology: Homo Soveticus

V. M. Kamnev, A. A. Pirogov


The article discusses the anthropology of Alexander Zinoviev. The concept of homo soveticus introduced by the thinker is analyzed. Zinoviev's pamphlet "Homo soveticus" is being investigated. The interrelation of the anthropological type with the modern philosophical world is noted, as well as the relevance of the problem, especially in the context of geopolitical reality. The philosophical, cultural, social and historical phenomenon of homo soveticus, its relationship with the collective, reality, and democratic society are considered. The article concludes that Zinoviev's philosophy carries scientific insight, although the concept of man is not fully considered by the thinker. The authors claim that for the Russian person, the issues of being have never been secondary and alien to his consciousness.


Zinoviev; homo soveticus; confession; collective; Russian; truth


Зиновьев А.А. Гомо советикус. Grove/Atlantic, 1986.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31312/2310-1245-2022-52-21-31


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