Review of Research on the Influence of Russian Fine Art on the Development of Traditional Art of Northeast China in the XX Century

Xiangxue Meng


Russian fine art had a significant influence on the development of art in China. Elements of Russian painting had a great influence not only on the development of the art of Chinese painting in general, but also, in particular, on the development of the art of painting in the Heilongjiang region (Northeast China). Both in China and in Russia, research is being conducted on the influence of Russian painting on the development of Chinese art, in particular Chinese painting; research on artistic exchanges between Heilongjiang and Russia, research on the history of the development of art in Northeast China, as well as research on the contribution of Russian immigrants to the development of art in Northeast China. This article analyzes Chinese and Russian publications reflecting the results of these studies.


Heilongjiang art; Russian fine art; painting; influence



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