The Meanings “‘Human Education’ in the Artistic Discourse of the Novel of F. M. Dostoevsky ‘The Adolescent’

I. V. Sazina


The article argues that the presence of the meanings of "human education" in the artistic discourse of F. M. Dostoevsky's novel "The Adolescence", with their existential (being) and communicative nature (represented not in the form of declarations or doctrines, but in a number of storylines and the history of the hero's actual ascension: from a certain zero point of “standing in front of the world” and ideas about “ignorance” — to a dialogue with the world and society), creates a special “value center” which: a) defines the genre, logic and principle of creating the novel "The Adolescence" — as a "novel of education/moral education"; b) creates the main “event of meaning” in the novel, setting the existential (being) and communication meanings of the intent of the hero described by Dostoevsky towards his “inner logos” (to this characteristic given by V. V. Zenkovsky to all the writer’s work from a theological and anthropological position, the author of the article resorts, emphasizing in it the meaning of "logos as word" mainly in its non-religious understanding and in the intention of "dialogue"). Based on the central position in the artistic discourse of the novel "The Adolescence" of the meanings of "human education" and their action in the whole semantic space of the novel as its "value center", an appropriate conceptual resource can be outlined that can organize the theoretical part of the educational projects that are in demand today, including the creation educational digital platforms, and possibly the “human education” ecosystem based on the principles of “humanitarian thinking”. In these projects, such a “value center” can act as a kind of “task” for modern domestic educational practices in the actual work on their moral block (as well as in work on goal-setting in general).


artistic discourse; philosophy of education; human education; value center; «event of meaning»: "inner logos of personality", "dialogue", principles of "humanitarian thinking"; M. M. Bakhtin; project of the current educational model; digital ecosystem



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