Folk Crafts. This Is Art?

I. I. Tumanov


This article discusses the issue of recognizing folk crafts as an art. The author refers to the views of the philosopher Michel Foucault, who considered art as a socio-political practice capable of influencing ideological and socio-cultural discourses. This provision also applies to folk crafts. The article also highlights the history of the emergence and development of folk crafts, as well as the process of their transformation from commercial activity into art. The author identifies the main aspects and problems that raise doubts about the status of folk crafts as an art. The paper deals with the issue of conservation, using the concept of "Memory of Memory" by Herman Lubbe, and analyzes the influence of mass culture on folk crafts through the prism of the concept of Jean Baudriard. The author identifies and identifies the main problem associated with folk crafts by analyzing their modern existence.


folk crafts; art; commercial activity; kitsch; mass culture; conservation of folk crafts



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