The influence of Pina Bausch's dance theater on the work of Chinese contemporary director Tian Qinxin

Jiawen Xu


Tian Qinxin remains one of the most active theater directors in China, and her works have always been categorized as mainstream productions that have had a great influence on the Chinese theater scene. Tian Qinxin also continues to make pioneering attempts within the mainstream of Chinese theater, constantly challenging new forms of expression. In this process, the master of German neo-expressionist dance, an iconic figure in the history of modern dance in the world — Pina Bausch's concept of dance theater has had a profound influence on Tian Qinxin's directorial language. This influence is not only individual, but also a concrete manifestation of the fusion of the spirit of traditional Oriental aesthetics with modern Western theater aesthetics, the fusion of nationalism and modernity.


Tian Qinxin; Pina Bausch; Dance Theater; Contemporary Chinese Theater



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