О. С. Борисов


The article is devoted to study the specificity of virtual and physical movements of modern man. Analyzed the function of deconstruction sphere of everyday life and the illusion of formation of a new identity, which performs network replicating the iconic places. The origins of the desire to travel lie in archaic depths of humanity. In conditions of a global economy intensifies the tourism industry and becomes a process of removing the diffusion in the mass consciousness of cultural values. A person commits the Assembly of their identity, rather, engaged in the formation of identity, which does not so much an Assembly designs themselves, but simulates the worlds. In the modern social space is structured in different levels, layers, groups, opportunities, flexibility of scanning which is determined by the plasticity of the possible specifications of the individual. The last requires new nomads. Ritual tourist travel makes such specifications that reveal the situation of sharing space with the desire to feel in the lumen own being the collapse of reality needed to find peace in his absence, reality, which still does not disintegrate to the extent prescribed milestones guarding their saving design the final outcome of nowhere. These specifications produce new forms of travel. New forms of travel, resulting from the technology of the Internet, and create a new philosophy, in which the philosophy of the movement is «responsible» for the search in the global institutionalization of various human specifications detours defragmentation own identity.


travel, tourism, cultural values, identity, ritual, form of travel.


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