С. Г. Коленько


The article reveals the essence of activity-environment approach in improvement of a cultural habitat , which is taken as a holistic phenomenon. In the context of globalization the maintenance of a cultural habitat integrity is a condition of its uniqueness maintenance. Process of actualization the historical memory of the Place, its traditions and cultural richness is coupled with the sense of the master’s responsibility. This sense was not able to develop during the years of Soviet power and the subsequent social and political reformations. The process of localization promotes the unity of the constructive forces existing in the territory. The activity-environment approach helps to empowerment of People, revealing the leaders; the realization of a communities right to make their own decisions, affecting the program of city development; restoration and development of the local economy; improvement of a city environment. The activity-environment approach makes obvious the interdependence of cultural, economic and social processes, detects the indivisibility of objectives in a broad cultural context, which is a city or a region. Today there are attempts research of a cultural habitat on a broad scale — at the level of a city (region) with the objective to probe the state of culture, clarifying the ratio of traditions and innovations, positive and negative trends in the humanitarian field, in professional art, in the space of city. These studies provide the necessary material for the creation of a strategic programme of the territorial cultural development. They are, as well as activity-environmental approach, the expression of a holistic vision of the cultural habitat of the territory.


глобализация, локализация, регионализация, городская среда, инициатива, ответственность, стратегия.


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