А. А. Багаутдинов


In the article ontological bases socialisation and enculturation of human able to speak are given in the connection with philosophic methodology, anthropology, linguistics and the philosophy of language. There is a brief description of the author’s linguasynergetic theory of culture and society given the work. The sociocultural fabric constitutes at the atomic level with the help of linguistic signs, microconcepts in the author’s methodology. The author understands concept as it was explained by P. Abelard. The author names in his theory language as metaconcept. In its internal structures cultural senses are constructed. Institutionalization of culture goes with the help of specific types of human identities construction. The author mars out such types of person identities homo orationis, homo natiocultures with subtypes homo nationes vulgaris homo nationes ferus, homo nationes cultures, homo doctus, homo doctorus, homo bi- / polilingualis constructing by means of linguacommunicative rituals.


linguistic personality, socialization, enculturation, microconcept, concept, metaconcept, sociocultural linguacommunicative ritual, modus, модус, homo orationis, homo nationes, homo nationes vulgaris, homo nationes ferus, homo natiocultures


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