The influence of globalization processes on the Mongolian traditional culture

Ж. Долгорсурэн


The article provides an analysis of the specific features of the traditional Mongolian culture which as a form of the nomadic civilization is still actual and continues to develop by means of interaction with various cultures of settled peoples. The author stresses that in spite of the intensive processes of globalization and Europeanization we can see in modern Mongolia the values of its traditional, nomadic culture are in great demand. Moreover, these values have acquired a new meaning as they are considered to be a sine qua non for the progressive development of the Mongolian culture. Indeed, it is these values that can integrate the experience of the tradition with the challenge of the present. Being actualized against the background of the crisis of the European civilization, these values let us hope that there will appear a new world view in Mongolia. This world view is likely to make it possible for man to coexist with nature in harmony.


traditional Mongolian culture; nomadic culture; values of the nomadic culture; Europeanization; globalization


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