To the construction of a cross-cultural interaction theory

В. М. Дианова


The author studies the problem of cross-cultural interaction taking into account the dynamics of the historical process. Various methods of culturological investigation are analyzed. It is shown that a dialogue-meeting, or a dialogue between different cultures aimed at mutual understanding, was inherent in local monocultures. Nowadays, in the epoch of globalization there are polycultures which imply a more complicated interaction and a more intensive interpenetration between separate cultures, so they have to stop following their traditions. Processes of migration, the crisis of traditional ways of identification (national, regional, religious), the spread of cosmopolitan worldview, on the one hand, and stressing the inequality of cultures, their arduous relationship which can cause conflicts, on the other, made it appear such complex forms of cultural interaction as hybridization, metissazh, and transculturation. These forms are analyzed in order to determine both positive and negative consequences for the existing cultures.


intercultural interaction; monoculture; polyculture; the crisis of identity; hybridization; metissazh; transculturation


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