Metahistorical fates of Russia: “Turan factor” and the conception of the “civilization impact”

В. Н. Побединский


The author proposes his own structural analysis of the “Turan factor”, a complex historiosophical, cultural and philosophical category in the conception of the Eurasians. The author tries to answer the question if there was the Tatar-Mongol yoke in Russia. Looking for the answer, he has studied some modern research works in genetics. His particular attention was paid to the Eurasians’ interpreting the fact of the Mongolian invasion of Russia in the 13th century. The author describes this invasion and the following two centuries period of the Asian domination in Russia in the context of the historiosophical theory of the “civilization impact”.


Turan factor; Tatar-Mongol yoke; historiosophy; civilization impact


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