The Mongolian abroad: the USA

М. П. Петрова


The author considers the migratory processes initiated by the democratic revolution of the 1990-s in Mongolia. The internal (urban) migration concerned a large number of the rural population which moved to cities, mostly to the capital Ulan-Bator. The outside migration has led to the outflow of quite a large number of citizens from the country. The number of officially registered citizens of Mongolia in the United States is about15,000, whereas the number of illegal migrants is more than 45,000. As a rule, in the USA Mongols work as specialists in taking care of elderly people, in heavy and light industries, restaurant business, in trading companies and grocery stores. A lot of young people study at American colleges, and the U.S. government regularly announces admission to certain educational programs, providing Asians free training.


Mongolian abroad; migration; immigration; USA


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