The ecomuseum “Bargustay” on Lake Uureg-nur as a center of preservation of the Western Mongolian Derbets’ ethnocultural heritage

В. М. Кимеев


The article describes the project of creation an ecomuseum on a shore of the mountain lake Uureg-nuur. This project is being drawn up together with the museum in the aimak Uvs in Western Mongolia. The ecomuseum is planned to exhibit some archaeological monuments of various eras as well as the traditional yurts of the local Derbets which are known to have roamed from place to place 5–6 times during a season. Some traditionally designed jurts located along the shore of the lake are going to be used as hotels for tourists. The ecomuseum “Bargustay” is also planned to exhibit some modern cult constructions of the Derbets such as obos which are regularly visited by prayers. The museum will show some traditional holiday ceremonies, such as that performed at naadam, one of the most popular festivals in Mongolia, which is held annually throughout the country during midsummer.


ecomuseum; preservation of ethnocultural heritage; archaeological monuments; nomadic culture


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