Н. В. Шелковая


The phenomenon of the meeting on its noumenal, the essential level and two existential meetings with V. Rozanov are comprehended and disclosed in the article. The first meeting is a similar life path and the intentions of the author and V. Rozanov. The second meeting is a mutual interest to the problem of Jewry, the synthesis of the Semitic and the Aryan spirit. The author identifies and develops following the most profound and fruitful Rozanov’s thoughts: «the philosophy of the House»; the idea of the illusory nature of life, in which the social values are absolutized; а deep analysis of the sources of power-subordination and identification of the people, who had created the cult of power; the approach to the vision of history as a living organism, developing on its inner laws, that are often unknown to people; the reasons of being chosen by God of the Jewish people in the Old Testament and its rejection in the New Testament times; the conclusion about the synthesis of the Semitic and Aryan spirit in Christianity, which is, in the author's opinion, a part of the process of androgynization of the world culture, that is symbolically depicted in the symbol of Taoism – «Tai Chi». 


meeting; «the philosophy of the House»; Aryans; extraversion; power-subordination; Semites; Jews; introversion; heart; androgynism.


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