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The main objective of this paper consists in elaborating an accurate overview of the Made in Italy’s concept, to examine in depth, the existing linkages between the phenomenon and the Italian universities’ network. Certainly, despite numerous debates and disputes, «Made in Italy» is still considered by various experts and academics as an essential asset for future growth and sustainability of Italian economy. This unique phenomenon is defined as a quality label of most successful Italian enterprises. Consequently, the term «Made in Italy» is often a guarantee of quality, efficiency and reliability, not only at a national level but also (and especially) at a global level. In more detail, there are four main sectors in which Italian firms tend to excel (nationally and globally), known in the Italian language with the acronym of «4 A»: Clothing, Food and wine, Furniture and Automation. Therefore, this document presents an accurate mapping of the Italian academic institutions, with the aim of highlighting their effort in providing bachelor and master degrees, specific paths and executive masters (fashion, food, etc.) focused on the above-mentioned theme. Concluding, this paper offers to the reader an exhaustive and well-structured overview of the Made in Italy’s concept, pointing out future potentialities and analysing the actual commitment of the main Italian universities in promoting this «guarantee label», supporting its growth through the formation of future managers, entrepreneurs, etc.


made in Italy; universities; education; Italy; culture of entrepreneurship


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