To clarify the still unexplained phenomenon of the Object, the author of the article refers to the works of Hegel, namely to the Science of Logic and the Phenomenology of the Spirit where Hegel analyzes the status and dialectic of the Thing. The author suggests reading the Hegelian dialectic of Object as a phenomenological eidetic description. As a result of such a reading of the Hegelian dialectic, the author comes to the following conclusions. First of all, the Object is dynamics, development, it is not static. «Eidos» of the Object is the eidos of an attitude movement. What we think of as the Object is always the «result» of a attitude. Attitude is the model according to which any Object is constructing. The Object is not that which is spontaneous, independent, and therefore we constitute and understand it as always as not-and-alive, although it responds to the dynamics of development. The Object is always a dialogue when the object and consciousness are not only impact on each other but are included in the overall process of change. On the one hand, the Object can be said to be humanized, on the other hand, the consciousness becomes reincarnated. Although the Object is relatively independent of our consciousness but the unity and symbolism of Objects are infected with the consciousness of human. The Object is not only perceived or produced by human but is also collected into consciousness by consciousness, and it, consciousness, infects it with those «senses» that come to this world not from the external world of objects, things, but from the very consciousness of human.


The object, Hegel, phenomenology of the spirit, science of logic



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