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A. Dzikevich / Е. А. Дзикевич, E., High Theatre School at the Maly State Theatre
A. Dzikevich / С. А. Дзикевич, S., Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russian Federation)
A. Kapichina/Е.А. Капичина, E., Lugansk State Academy Of Culture and Arts named after M. Matusovsky. (Russian Federation)
A. Kaunov/Д. А. Каунов, D., Saint–Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
A. Klukina / Л. А. Клюкина, L., Petrozavodsk State University (Russian Federation)
A. Ocheretyany/K. А. Очеретяный, K., State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Russian Federation)
A. Ovchinnikova/ Е. А. Овчинникова, E., Saint-Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
A. Troitskiy/С. А. Троицкий, S., The Research Center for Cultural Exclusion and Frontier Zones Sociological Institute, RAS, Saint Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
A. Zaks / Л. А. Закс, L., Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin Rector of Liberal Arts University (Russian Federation)
Alekseev-Apraksin / А. М. Алексеев-Апраксин, А. М., Departement of Cultural Studies, Philosophy of Culture & Aesthetics SPSU Professor of Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (Russian Federation)
Andina/T. Андина, Т., University of Turin, LABONT (Italy)
Andina/Т. Андина, Т., University of Turin, LABONT (Russian Federation)
Androsenko / Р.А. Андросенко, R. A., Saint Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)
ARTEMENKO / Н.А. АРТЁМЕНКО, N. A., St. Petersburg State University, Institute of Philosophy (Russian Federation)
Artemenko/Н. А. Артёменко, N. А., Saint Petersburg State University (Russian Federation)

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